Buying car insurance in Tulsa or the suburb zip codes of 74012, 74004, 74055, or 74133 can be done just by clicking a few buttons and filling out some blanks on your computer. But before you get started, take a look at these 7 tips so you can be sure you’re getting the cheapest auto insurance possible.

Step 1: Research

Take the time and learn what is available in cheap auto insurance for you. Which companies are the best in offering discounts and have the services you need and want. And you don’t have to do all this research yourself, let your independent agent to it for you.

Step 2:  Coverage

Know what your net worth is with things like homeownership, business owner, age of the car you’re insuring. To make the right choices in cheap car insurance, you need to know how much and what kind of coverage you need.

Step 3: You

There are several factors that are a part of setting cheap auto insurance rates. What is your driving record like? How many drivers and cars will be on your policy? What kind of cars are going to be on the policy? Are they equipped with safety features?

Step 4: Multiples

Does the company with your homeowners offer auto insurance? Bundle them together.

Step 5: It’s Not All About Price

Don’t just go with one quote – call around, research several. Get their rates and what they cover then choose the best by the coverage, not just the rate.

 Step 6: Read

Make sure your insurance application is accurate and make sure the contract you sign with the insurance company is accurate too. This includes names spelled correctly, birthdates are correct, social security numbers and addresses are correct, etc.

Step 7: Payment

You will have options of payment plans. If you can pay it all upfront, that will save you a ton of money over time.  But if you need the monthly or quarterly plan, be sure to make those payments on time.