America’s Team Belongs to Dallas

When the All-America Football Conference collapsed in 1950, many people wondered if football was over, sans the Friday Night Lights of small towns across the country.  However, in 1960, the NFL franchised a new team that would become America’s Team. You either love them or hate them: The Dallas Cowboys.

The team would go on to become the first successful new team since the All-America Football Conference collapsed. It would have four men at the helm that would go on to not only make the Dallas Cowboys a household name but establish things in the league that still stand today.  Those men were Clint Murchison Jr., Tex Schramm, Tom Landry, and Gil Brandt.

The team of Murchison, Schramm, Landry and Brandt didn’t know it then, but they were destined for success that was almost unprecedented in the world of pro football. Those glory years were made of blood, sweat, and tears and it took five years before the team would break even.

Then Came 1966

In 1966, a 20 consecutive winning season streak would belong to the Cowboys. This NFL-record included 18 years of playoff games with 13 divisional championships and 5 Super Bowl games with two victories.  During the 1970’s the team was led by Roger Staubach, Rayfield Wright, Bob Lilly, Randy White, Mel Renfro, and Tony Dorsett. Each would go on to be inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Up until this time, the team called The Cotton Bowl their home stadium. In 1967, it was announced by Murchison that a new stadium was in the works and would be in a suburb of Dallas – Irving, Texas. The team would be known as “America’s Team” throughout the 70s and into the early 80s. The team was ahead of the other NFL teams with marketing and promotions. The team’s owner, H.R. Bright, known as Bum Bright, bought the team in 1984 from Murchison.

In 1986, after two decades of winning, America’s Team would have their first losing season. Bright would sell the team in 1989 to Jerry Jones who brought in his head coach, Jimmy Johnson and displaced the city’s beloved Tom Landry, but Johnson, along with the choice pick of players like Troy Aikman, would go on to win more games for the city and all was forgiven.

With Tony Romo as quarterback, America’s team has regained some of it winning popularity. With his injuries getting in the way, Dak Prescott has become the quarterback. While the Cowboys haven’t been back to the Super Bowl in some time, this city stands behind its team and roots them on each Sunday during the season, from the interior most of Dallas to the suburbs of Allen, Coppell, and Frisco, which is where the team’s new practice facility is located.