Houston, Texas has distracted drivers on the road daily, and while you’ve probably already guessed it, they are causing yours and everyone’s auto insurance rates to increase. From the inner most part of Houston to the outskirts zip codes like 77581, 77494, and 77354, drivers are on their cell phone. They are sending emails and texts. They are using one of the many apps that are available and causing more and more accidents.

This has resulted in insurers to raise rates in order to offset their rising costs from the increase in claims. As such, this makes it harder to find cheap auto insurance even for those who have never caused or been in an accident. The NHTSA reports an increase of almost 10% in traffic fatalities between January and September of 2016.

We can’t 100% blame the emailing and texting for this increase in accidents and increase in rates. Since the economy is stronger and gas prices have dropped, there are more people on the road and this is part of the problem as well. This means that there are more distracted drivers on the road.

With the use of Smartphones creating distracted drivers, there is less reaction time when an accident is about to happen. Before we started having cell phones in our cars, we were paying more attention to the roads of Houston and other places and were able to react, avoiding accidents.

Because the big name insurance companies have already increased their rates, more people are turning to local, smaller companies looking for the cheapest car insurance they can find. While they want the required coverage, they also want to make it as little of a hit on their budget as possible.