So we have a lot of customers tell us that they are shocked at how cheap our insurance is compared to their previous company.  We hear it often.  When they ask us to explain why, we usually end up coming to one of two conclusions.  Either their company did not have any other companies to which they could look for a cheaper rate, or their company did not want to look for a cheaper rate.  Many companies simply want to pocket the extra money they have on a customer whom they hope will not shop around.  At Action Insurance, we know better. Customers want the cheapest insurance rate they can get, and they want the best insurance service they can get. We represent so many companies that we can usually shop around and find a better rate if your insurance rates should go up.  Companies are hungry for new business.  They will offer prior insurance discounts to try to woo customers away from their business.  Our companies that we represent offer these discounts as well as a paid in full discount, an electronic payment or eft discount, a multi-car discount, a homeowners discount, a marriage discount, a good driving history discount, a defensive driver discount, and a good student discount. If you think you are able to obtain one of these, please give us a call so we can quote your auto insurance.

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