With a population of 18,906, Sand Springs is a quiet suburb of Tulsa. It is located west of Tulsa on Highway 412.

Sand Springs has the noblest of beginnings. A famous oilman in the early 1900s, Charles Page, sent a Salvation Army worker to start the town with a group of orphans and widow. All that was needed to create the town was provided or developed, and eventually grew up into what it is today. Page had a wonderful vision to create a self-sustaining orphanage.

Sand Springs is home to many tourist attractions. Sand Springs is home to the, an excellent city Golf course, the Herbal Affair & Festival, and the Keystone Ancient Forest. Keystone Ancient Forest is a nature preserve with wildlife and hiking trails through an Oklahoma cross-timbers forest. You can also explore Keystone Lake where you can fish, boat, swim, or water ski.

Sand Springs has a community airport known as the Pogue Airport.

The mascot of the Sand Spring School District is the Sandite. Sand Springs is home to a branch of the Tulsa Technology Center also known as TTC.

The Sand Springs Leader is the local newspaper which is owned by Berkshire Hathaway. Sand Springs also has an only paper known as the Sandite Pride News.

Sand Springs has robust city services. The Fire Chief is Mike Wood. The Sand Springs Fire Department has two fire stations, with one on each side of the Arkansas River. The stations are able to respond to many types of emergencies. The mayor of Sand Springs is Mike Burdge. He is a Vietnam Veteran and a Cross Country Coach. The Sand Springs Police Department is 33 officers and is technologically advanced. The police chief is Mike Carter who is also a graduate of the FBI’s National Academy.

Sand Spring’s senators are Jim Inhofe and James Lankford. Sand Spring’s representative is Jim Bridenstine.