Situated on the I-35 Corridor is Oklahoma City, the capital and largest city of Oklahoma, the county seat and is 27th among in population count for American cities. The city limits spill over into three other counties: Canadian, Cleveland, and Pottawatomie counties, with most of those areas being rural or suburban, such as zip codes 73003, 73020, and 73085.

With a huge population, already and it is still growing, the need for finding the cheapest car insurance is a focus for many families in this area. Residents in 73068, 73069, and 73130 can find cheap auto insurance that fits their budget and still provides the coverage they need.

Part of the Great Plains region, OKC has one of the world’s largest livestock markets and even though it is no longer considered “the oil capital of the world” anymore, it still has a large sector in that industry along with natural gas and related industries. There are active oil derricks and oil fields all around the city.

When it comes to employment, livestock and oil aren’t the only two industries in this city. With Tinker Air Force Base and U.S. Transportation’s Aeronautical Center here, a large part of the city’s residents, as well as the outer areas of zip codes 73026 and 73099, are employed there.

When traveling from south out of Mexico or Texas toward Kansas, I35 is the main corridor and it runs through Oklahoma City in what is considered the state’s Frontier Country region. Cross Timbers is the northeast section of the city.

IT was 1889 when Oklahoma City was found during the famous Land Run. It took only a few hours for the population to hit 10,000. Not only is OKC famous for its land run, but it also is known for the tragic bombing in 1995 of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building, where almost 170 people were killed. And while the state of Oklahoma is known to be in the middle of “Tornado Alley”, the city of OC itself has only been recorded with 13 tornadoes that were categorized as EF4 and 2 that were rated EF5.