When your teenager gets that driver’s license, it is an exciting time for them and a worrisome time for you.  Every household has different philosophy on their teen’s first car. Some parents furnish the first one and the teen is expected to pay the insurance, registration, and upkeep. Some parents have the rule that the teen must buy their own car.

But regardless of the philosophy behind it, the number one thing is that you want it to be an affordable and safe car. No parent wants to send their child out on the roads today in a vehicle that isn’t safe or reliable. Even in cities like Topeka or any of the surrounding suburbs like Olathe or Ottawa. But it also has to be a car that you can get the cheapest auto insurance possible too.

So what are the things you should look for when shopping for your teens first car? Even if your family rule is that your teen buy their own first car, you want to guide them on this process and together do the research needed that will get the an affordable, reliable, and safe car. And that includes what will be the most affordable in regards to cheap car insurance and upkeep along the way.

Some important pointers to keep in mind are: