Before you start getting quotes for cheap auto insurance in Sand Springs, Oklahoma in the zip code area of 74060, 74063, and 74127 check your credit score first. How high (or low) your credit score is will be one of the determining factors in the rate you pay.

This doesn’t mean that anyone with bad credit can’t get cheap car insurance. It just means that it won’t be as cheap it could be if you have better credit. Why do insurance companies look at your credit score? It is the belief that the better you are financially, the more responsible of a driver you’ll be.

Now does this hold true all the way around? No, but this is the tool they use for measurement. Your homeowner’s insurance, renter’s insurance, and even life insurance will use your credit standing as a point of measurement. History has shown that a person with low credit standing, a person is more likely to file more claims, exaggerate the claims, and less likely to pay their premium on time.

Insurance experts say that the lower the credit score is, the more apt the policy holder will be at filing claims or exaggerating claims. They are also more likely to commit insurance fraud and are prone to be late with their payments.

To get a cheap car insurance in 74060 and 74063 as well as in 74127, or anywhere in Sand Springs Oklahoma your credit score should be at 700 or above. If your credit score is at 600 or less, than you can expect to pay a higher premium for your auto insurance.