Global cities see the hipsters leave while the West Coast has filmmakers cropping up daily. The average hotspots for travelers can often be too touristy, and other cities just fall apart as there are more people moving and visitors passing through.

In the meantime, Joplin, MO nuzzled up in the Ozarks in Missouri’s southwest corner, has become the crossroads for all those left in the lurch of somewhere to go and something to do. With two interstates running through, 44 and 49, and never to be shorted its due is the historic Route 66, JoMo, as the locals call it, has a low cost of living and a place where you’ll get more ROI for your dollar.

Along those highways and bi-ways, skirting around Joplin are the suburbs of Duenweg, Duquesne, Leawood, and Silverwood. Each of them has residents of families that are on tight budgets and seek the cheapest auto insurance they can find to meet state requirements.

The downtown area is full of artists and chefs keeping it alive with entrepreneurs finding more new ways to resurrect the structures here that are centuries old. Joplin considers itself to be more than just a destination of a city that travelers pass through.

The history of the famous and infamous could go on and on. Starting with Langston Hughes, the poet and the infamous villain duo of Bonnie and Clyde hid out here. Actors Dennis Weaver and Robert Cummings are Joplin natives and musicians Charles McPherson and Percy Wenrich got their beat started here.

The city has many attractions and multiple restaurants to entertain residents and visitors both. Joplin is where Fayetteville, Kansas City, Oklahoma City, and Wichita meet. Visit the George Washington Carver Monument or Grand Falls, tour the Joplin Museum Complex or the Keltoi Winery. The Wildcat Glades Conservatory and the Historic Murphysburg District both will educate while giving you enjoyment.