Dallas A City Rich With History and Lots to do and See

Dallas is a cultural hub and a modern metropolis in Texas. It is also a commercial center with a hand in every sector of business. There is a rich history here, and when you ask anyone what they know about Big D, there are three things that are mentioned most often:

When it comes to sightseeing, there are many things to do and see that may or may not be connected with those things. JFK’s assassination is remembered by the Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza in downtown Dallas.

You should know, though, Dallas is more than assassinations, sports and television.  There is an abundance of culture here, too, starting with the Arts District and the Dallas Museum of Art. You can cast your eyes upon contemporary sculpture at the r or attend a night at the DSO when in season.

A Log Cabin Then, A Glamorous City Now

The city can thank John Neely Bryan for its existence today. In 1841, Bryan would build a hut for himself along the Trinity River banks. At that time, Fort Worth was the bigger and more known city and overshadowed Dallas.

However, after the Civil War and a railroad established in 1873, Dallas would begin to take off. It would grow and become the place to go for cotton, grain, and oil. Then after WWII, more businesses set up in Dallas that included banks and insurance companies.

Today, Dallas is noted for its architecture, both modern and postmodern styles. There is an area of homes on Swiss Avenue that feature Neoclassical and Victorian architecture. As well, the Gothic Revival architecture is shown in the Kirby Building.

If outdoors is more to your style, there are plenty of lakes and parks in the city of Dallas as well as in the surrounding suburbs like Allen and Plano.  Frisco is home to the minor-league baseball team the Rough Riders and home of the soccer team, FC Dallas.