Fact or Fiction: Red Cars Cost More to Insure

Everyone likes cheap auto insurance, especially in Dallas and the suburbs of Allen, Coppell, Frisco and Plano, but have you ever thought about buying a red car only to have people tell you that red cars cost more to insure because they are usually pulled over more for speeding? Well, we’re here to tell you that is a total myth.

First of all, most insurers won’t even ask the color, and if they do, it is for reasons other than to charge you more. The color of your vehicle has nothing to do with the insurance rates. Insurance rates are based on the person’s credit score and driving record. You don’t have to buy the cheapest auto insurance you can find, either.

Apparently, people that like to push that gas pedal down are more likely to be attracted to red cars. The color red stands out more than any other color on the Dallas and Plano roadways, and with that being said, the chance that your 18-year-old son keeps getting pulled over for speeding is most likely because of one or both of the following:

1). The car stands out and going by at 30-40 mph over the speed limit just makes him stand out even more and grab the attention of a Coppell police officer.

2). He likes to drive fast, which will get him the attention of an Allen or Frisco police officer.

However, your 72-year-old grandmother driving a red Cadillac isn’t going to get pulled over as much as your son. Why? Because she’s probably driving more cautiously and slow along the streets of Dallas and its suburbs. Since she hasn’t had any accidents or traffic stops in several years, she will have better luck at getting cheap car insurance whereas your son, well, he’s going to have to pay until he slows down.