Don’t Make These Blunders With Cheap Auto Insurance

Cheap car insurance blunders can be funny when you live in Dallas or one the suburbs, but most of all, they can be expensive. Funny or not, they aren’t always made by the customer! Even the most expensive, well-known insurance companies mess up. Here are a few examples:

Late Claim Filing

After an accident, something that most people aren’t aware of, you have a limited time frame to file a claim. With most policies, even the cheapest car insurance, it is a 24-hour period. However, depending on the Dallas insurance company, the client’s longevity with the company, and the reason for being late, they may or may not accept the claim.

Sufficient Coverage

Most cities and states, like Dallas, Texas, have laws in effect that minimum insurance is required on your vehicle before you can get your driver’s license and operate the vehicle. The minimum level of coverage varies from state to state, but even the cheapest car insurance companies should know that the minimum is and won’t sell you anything less.

No matter what part of Dallas, or any of the surrounding suburbs, you live and work in, if you’re going to drive a car, you must have auto insurance coverage. You can have the most expensive coverage or the cheapest auto insurance you can find – as long as it meets the minimum required by law and your policy is current.