Have you just got your driver’s license and first car? Welcome to the world of adult responsibility here in Tulsa, Oklahoma and the suburbs of 74011, 74006 and 74021! And now that you have those two things done, it is time to for you to find car insurance – the cheapest car insurance you can find.

While this can get confusing … and expensive … it is the law. So, we’re going to give you some tips on how to find cheap auto insurance that provides the coverage you need at a price that won’t keep you from cruising in your ride with your BFF.

First you want to see if you can get on board with your parent’s cheap car insurance. When a homeowner bundles their homeowner insurance with their auto insurance, it can save them as much as 20%. And when you have multiple drivers, it can help get that discount too.  So, use that as your first line of reasoning with the folks.  You’re trying to save them some money.

If they turn you down, then you need to some research and get several quotes from different cheap car insurance companies. Remember, cheapest isn’t always best, so ask what they policy offers and compare notes. Go with an “A” rated insurance company so that you can be confident you have a good company behind you.

Are you a nerd student?  Well, that may pay off because most insurance companies offer a good student discount. If you have a “B” average or above, you could save some bucks!  And if you have taken defensive driving, let them know that too because that gets you a discount too.

Since you’re just starting out, you probably don’t have any real debt yet like a credit card or mortgage and that’s okay!  In fact, that’s even better because you haven’t had a chance to mess up your credit yet. Why are we telling you this? Because you need to know to keep your bills paid when you do start getting bills. This keeps your credit score in good standing and that in turn, will get you better rates with the cheapest auto insurance you can find.

Ask about other discounts too. Are your folks military or x-military? Do you belong to any organization? Don’t shy about it – let the agent know about you and they can get you better cheap auto insurance.