Houston is a big, giant metropolis deep in Texas. It extends to Galveston Bay and it is where you’ll find the Space Center, aka NASA. There you’ll find a visitor center where you can see where America’s astronauts train and where the flights into space are controlled.

For as big as the city of Houston is, the downtown area is compacted but has all the culture you could want. There is the Houston Grand Opera and the Historic District. You’ll find beautiful examples of 19th-century architecture and many of the city’s most upscale restaurants are found in the downtown area, too.

This diverse city is active with a dynamic mix of first-class attractions, imagination, and talent. The economy is vibrant and the surroundings are beautiful. The residents of Houston are optimistic and it is definitely a popular vacation destination for folks from all around the globe.

Along with all these wonderful things that Houston has to offer, there is also an abundance of traffic. Not just the residents, but visitors alike are on the roadways.  This only makes sense that the State of Texas has implemented laws about having liability insurance.  The residents of this great city have found that they can meet the requirement of the law with cheap auto insurance, making it one of the best large cities to own and drive a car.