You have a car and you must have minimum liability insurance. It’s the law when you live in zip code areas of Oklahoma like 74060, 74063 and 74127. But you don’t have to go broke paying for it – after all, you have other bills to pay. So, you look for the cheapest car insurance you can find that makes you a ‘legal’ driver without taking every dime you earn.

To find that cheap auto insurance, you surf the internet and find many different companies that offer cheap car insurance. There are also websites that will take all your information and then do the surfing for you, saving you the time. You simply look at the several options they find and make your decision from there.

When you talk to big-name insurance companies, you’ll find they have many discounts and   other services that smaller agencies won’t. However, the customer service of a smaller agency is personal and you’ll talk with the agent directly in most cases.

There are several things that you can ask either type of company to get the cheapest auto insurance possible such as discounts for good driving record, good grades when you have a student on your policy, multiple policies discounts, safety features, etc. And if you belong to a specific organization or group, ask if they are granted any discounts as well.