The city of Overland Park, KS has roots dated back as far as 1905. Back then, having cheap auto insurance wasn’t even in existence, but that was the year that William B. Strang Jr. arrived and founded the area. He platted subdivisions off a military roadway and named one of them Overland Park.

His vision was one of a community that was “park-like” and self-sustaining, with a strong commerce. He saw a place that would offer vibrant neighborhoods with quality education, recreational facilities, and convenient transportation available for the residents. What he didn’t realize was that one day those residents would need cheap car insurance to get around the area he was establishing.

All of this is still in place and have made Overland Park one of America’s best places for a family to raise children and live. Strang would pass away in 1921, but not before he established other housing developments as well as an airfield and an interurban railroad. Today, there are remnants of that interurban line and the limestone car barn that belonged to Mr. Strang which houses Traditions Furniture. Today, the vehicles Mr. Strang would store in that car barn would need at least minimum liability with the cheapest auto insurance he could find.

Overland Park would be incorporated in May of 1960 with a population over 28,000. Today, this city has over 75 square miles to its name, sitting in Johnson County. It is a nationally-recognized city with over 184,000 residents, which makes it the state’s second most populous city, which makes it necessary for cheap auto insurance to be available.