The residents of Joplin, MO and its surrounding suburbs of Duenweg, Duquesne, Leawood, and Silverwood, can get into a hot discussion over three subjects: Politics, Religion, and Auto Insurance. Yes, that third subject is a hot topic when it comes to the different deductibles, limits, premiums, and promises. Ask anyone and they’ll tell you they have the cheapest auto insurance with the best coverage.

Many auto insurance companies in and around Joplin all offer a variety of discounts on the different cheap auto insurance products they sell, but that doesn’t mean that because they are offering a good discount that it is a good deal for you, right?  You should really understand what the products are and how they benefit you, if at all, before you can honestly say that you got a great deal at a great rate. Let’s review the major types of auto insurance and what they mean.

Liability Insurance

There is required minimum liability insurance in Missouri, including Joplin and the suburbs in zip codes 64801 and 64804. This requirement is to have a minimum coverage which is signified on a policy with three numbers like 10/20/10.  All three numbers may vary based on what you purchase for coverage, but essentially, they are all the same with the first two numbers being the limits for bodily injury liability paid to the other party for any injuries or death when the accident is your fault. In the case of 10/20/10 the numbers relate to $10,000 per person, $20,000 maximum per occurrence and $10,000 for property damages caused by an accident.

Comprehensive and Collision Coverage

While these are sold side-by-side as “full coverage,” they are not one coverage, meaning, they have two totally different purposes, and in some cases, you can purchase one and not the other – situations vary. Comprehensive insurance is protection for you against any loss that may occur from non-accident occurrences. That could be a natural disaster or falling objects, fire or theft, and vandalism. Collision insurance will reimburse your losses after an accident in your vehicle, including stationary objects.