Sand Springs, Oklahoma has a strong economy thanks to their promotion of small businesses and an active chamber of commerce. In 2000, 7 businesses were listed by the Encyclopedia of Oklahoma History & Culture, as the most significant businesses. Among those listed were Cust-o-Fab, Sheffield Steel Corporation, Webco Industries, and Rader Diagnostic Center.

The 17,400 + residents are employed within those companies and some commute to Tulsa, just a few miles away. The 2000 census counted 934.2 people psm (per square mile) with over 6,900 homes that house the 86% white, just under 2% African American, and just over 7% Native American.

Over 38% of those households have kids under the age of 18. The small town, big city convenience makes for a great area to raise a family. And with an average income of $40,000 annually, they can live comfortable, even when required to keep their cars insured. These are families that look for the cheapest auto insurance they can find that meets the state law and doesn’t drain their budget each month.

From Prattville, which is considered a suburb of Sand Springs, the zip codes of 74060, 74107, 74063, and 74127, is full of people that call this area home. With more and more people moving into the area, the need for cheap auto insurance is a must.