Everyone has at least one bad habit while driving around Overland Park, KS. Actually, some of us have many different bad habits! What you may not realize is that those bad habits could be what keeps you from getting the cheapest auto insurance possible. Here are three of the worse bad habits any driver can have that will keep your auto insurance rates high:

Using Your Cell Phone While You Drive

It may seem like everyone does it, but that doesn’t mean it’s okay. Many states have placed bans on cell phone use, and that includes talking or texting, including receiving calls or texts. Experts say that as many as 20% of all drivers receive and send text messages regularly while they are driving.

Eating While You Drive

We could probably lump applying make-up or shaving under this category, too. Even if you’re able to stop abruptly, that doesn’t mean the person behind you can if they are eating or primping.

The Need for Speed and More Speed

Are you one of those that barely gets out the door on time to get to work or other appointments? So, does that mean you have to rush out the door and hit the gas pedal? Did you know that it is the morning rush hour that causes most of the insurance rate increases in Overland Park, KS and its suburbs, as well as all around the country? Not only are you at a higher risk for an accident, but you put yourself at risk for speeding tickets.