Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus and there is one-day auto insurance too! Even if you are only going to drive a car one time, you must be prepared. After all, accidents happen when you don’t expect them – that’s why they are called accidents. A car accident can happen at any time any place – so even if you’re going to be behind the wheel once, get insured! And just like any other type of auto insurance you want to check around for the cheapest car insurance you can find.

Who Needs 1 Day Of Auto Insurance?

For any person that will only be driving a short way or for a very short time, one-day car insurance is just what they need. This may be for the person on vacation or for a mover. Or if you’re borrowing a friend’s car for a day, one-day insurance is right for you.

What good will this one-day auto insurance do? It will pay for repairs of damaged sustained from an accident. It will cover you for any fire, theft, or vandalism. It provides coverage for liability if an accident is your fault.

While this is cheap auto insurance, it is designed for infrequent drivers, not as a replacement of regular auto insurance. There are cheap car insurance policies on the market for six to 12 months that will fit your driving needs. Simply ask your insurance agent to review your driving habits and make sure you aren’t paying for something you aren’t using.