Why Us

We consider ourselves a very progressive, forward leaning company that thinks about your needs when we are giving you a quote. Any company can give you an estimate for insurance, but we want to make sure that we consider the risks that you face. You might only be in the market for automobile liability insurance or you might need to get comprehensive and collision coverage. Please let us assist you.

We want you to be comfortable knowing that we look to apply whatever discounts we can so that we can save you money. We have discounts for married couples, multiple cars, good driving history, good credit, home ownership, prior insurance, students, college degrees, adding renters or home policies, driver’s education course attendance, and many more.
If you think you are concerned that you will have trouble getting insurance because you have a foreign license or an international license, then please come see us. We have companies that will accept many forms of identification as well as matriculas. We also speak Spanish and insure people from all over the world. We shop around to insure that your family has the best protection they can afford. We compare insurance costs, so whether you have a new or a used car, we will match your information to insure that you have the best rate we can offer.
Another reason you should consider purchasing insurance from us is that we can provide a discount if you insure your home and your auto with us. We also have companies that will reduce our rate as you remain faithful to them. Many of our new customers leave their companies because they have an accident and are given a letter of nonrenewal. We are able to keep most of our business in house because if you should be so unfortunate as to have an accident, we can provide an interagency transfer discount so that you don’t lose all the credit of having remained with one company for a length of time.

If you have a suspended license, please come see us. We can still offer you insurance. If you need nonowners insurance, we can offer that as well.
Our main priority is not to make money, but to give you good service. That is why we commonly encourage our customers who are looking to save money to consider raising their deductibles on older model cars. We do not want you to pay more money for your insurance than your car is worth. If you can save a few hundred dollars every six months, you might well be able to purchase another car with the money you save.

Though it is important to develop your credit and maintain it so that you can get reduced insurance prices, sometime life just gets in the way. Credit ratings are often utilized in purchases made today, but do not fear. If you have bad credit, we have some companies that do not care one iota. They are concerned only with your driving history and do not take credit into effect. Perhaps you have a bad driving history and bad credit. You have found the right place. We have some companies that do take at fault accidents into account after two or three years.
Finally, the reason you should choose us is that we care. We have a work ethic that is balanced with humor and compassion. We think you will agree. Please give us a call and let us offer you a quote today.

Se habla Espanol tambien.