For the outdoor person, there couldn’t be a better place to live than Oklahoma City or any of its suburbs in the zip codes of 73012, 73013, and 73130. There are over 250 days on the average to enjoy any of the outdoor recreations. While having the cheapest auto insurance is a focus most of the time, you won’t need them after arrival. Here are just a few of the ones that residents of this beautiful city enjoy:

Bicycling is a huge activity in OKC as well as the outer edges in zip codes 73020, 73085, 73069. With the city’s recent addition of a bike-share program that has 8 kiosks that accept credit cards for 30-minute bike rentals. You’ll enjoy several stops in the center of OKC.

Boating is another huge activity and Lake Overholser Boathouse is the place to go! Located on the outside of Route 66 historic bridge, there is paddle boats and kayaking as well as trails for bikes and walking. Recent added adventures for those that like heights is a free fall, a climbing wall, an extreme swing, and a zip line. The area is open June through October.

The Stinchcomb Wildlife Refuge will get you close to nature with 1,000 acres that are just like they were before Oklahoma became a state. You can hike around that unchanged land and enjoy the beavers, egrets, whitetail deer and the beautiful lakes. Canoe, fish, and kayak or just explore the two rivers: Canadian River and Oklahoma River.

Or visit Lake Hefner on the northwest side of the city where you can bike, skate or walk to the trails around it. This is the place to enjoy a beautiful sunset, kitesurf or sail. These are just a few things to enjoy in a city that has just as many indoor activities. In a city that has over 250 days of perfect weather, you’ll never be short of anything to do. Once you are at these beautiful lakes and parks, the need for cheap auto insurance won’t be necessary.